Posted by: tjdmobile | June 6, 2008

Table Rock, Boise Idaho

Base of Table Rock, Boise Idaho

Sunny but cold!

I did my annual visit of Table Rock in Boise, Idaho.  It was a windy and cool day for a hike.  For those who don’t know, to summit “The Rock”, you will walk about 1.75 miles up the front of the hill.  At times, it’s pretty steep.  By the time you reach the top, you have climbed about 900 feet.   The first picture is from the bottom in the parking lot.  Once you pass this gate, get ready to burn some fat as you climb this moderate hill.  You can click on the photos for a larger image.  The second photo is from the top.  Once you get there, you may think to yourself “This is how it looks from an airplane”.  I know I did!  This is part of the BoiseView from the top - Boise, IdahoFront Trail System.  From Table Rock, you can move on to another 10 miles of winding trails if you choose.  A couple of years ago I plotted my hike on the GPS, and it can be found on my other website (post to follow) to review.  It was a good thing that it was only 60 and windy, because the reflection back from the sandy soil can give you a bit of a sunburn.  I may later edit this post to include some video from the 720p HD Camcorder.

More information on this trail is located at


Short Video Clip:

Although I am thankful that Vimeo produces a pretty good reproduction of my HD video, the best quality is achieved by going to my Vimeo site (click the HD is off button while playing video) and select “Download WMV”.  That will get you much higher resolution.  Even easier, click HERE.







  1. I moved to Boise about 3 years ago and have wanted to hike up Table Rock from day 1. I’m wanting to do it relatively soon. Do you think it’s alright (weather wise) to do this hike right now?

    Thanks for you help!

    • Hello Katie, thanks for visiting! This is a wonderful time of year for this hike. You may even spot an early wildflower! The only thing to consider before heading out on the Boise front is to not hike where there is any mud. It has been dry all week, so conditions will be perfect this weekend. I am planning a hike out the other direction (Owyhee Desert) myself. I want to get the hikes in before it gets too hot!

  2. Thank you for the video, I have been wanting to climb to Table Rock using the Old Pen trail!

  3. […] try to take my camera with me next time, but here’s a picture I am liberally using from this lovely blog. You should check it out. There are several reasons I’ve fallen in love with […]

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